What to do if we want you to remove certain copyrighted content from your website?

NearMeTrade portal contains the trademark, logos, trade name, service marks and other marks (collectively "Marks") which are the intellectual property of NearMeTrade or their vendors or respective third parties. You understand that NearMeTrade uses the Marks of vendors and respective third parties procured from the owner and/or distribution channel and/or Marketing Agencies. In doing so, NearMeTrade has no intention, whatsoever, to acquire rights of use or license to these Marks. If your copyrighted content is showing on our website or incorrect content is showing then we offer a service to remove content from this website if the copyright holder of the content requests so. These removal requests are only valid if:

You are, or your company is, the copyright holder of the content in question.

You provide the exact URLs to the content.

You provide the complete name(s) of the content in question.

You send the removal request using a verifiable email address (e.g. address@yourname/yourcompany.com).


If your request complies with all of these rules, contact us. Please keep the correspondence polite.

We will remove postings as soon as we can, usually within 15 working days. Keep in mind that we can only handle removal requests that comply with the above rules.