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Question.51:- What is RAM in computer system ?

Question.52:- What is primary memory and secondary memory in computer ?

Question.53:- What are Personal computer, Minicomputer and Mainframes computer ?

Question.54:- What is Network Topology in computer system ?

Question.55:- What are the Basic functions of an operating system ?

Question.56:- What are synonyms and antonyms of the word ‘soft’ ?

Question.57:- What are synonyms and antonyms of the word ‘solid’ ?

Question.58:- What are synonyms and antonyms of the word ‘Solution’ ?

Question.59:- What are antonyms and synonyms of the word ‘Project’ ?

Question.60:- What are antonyms and synonyms of the word ‘prominent’ ?

Question.61:- What is solar cell ?

Question.62:- Why earthing of transmission line is necessary ?

Question.63:- Which is the largest country in Africa by size?

Question.64:- What is OPEC? Give a brief about it.

Question.65:- What are the functions of the world bank?

Question.66:- What are some simple ways of overcoming depression?

Question.67:- Benefits of swimming.

Question.68:- What are the health benefits of taking camel milk?

Question.69:- What are the benefits of honeybees?

Question.70:- What are the health benefits of using honey?

Question.71:- What is the best e-commerce website for kids items in India?

Question.72:- What are thermistors ?

Question.73:- Why copper is a good conductor of electricity ?

Question.74:- What is resistance welding ?

Question.75:- What is the difference between plastic welding and fusion welding ?

Question.76:- What is welding ?

Question.77:- What are the advantages of using industrial/agricultural loads during night hours ?

Question.78:- What is the basic difference between a diesel engine and a steam turbine ?

Question.79:- What is fuel cell ?

Question.80:- What is decay constant in nuclear power plants ?

Question.81:- Why economiser and air- preheaters are used in steam power plants ?

Question.82:- Why are superheaters and reheaters used in steam power plant ?

Question.83:- What is the function of the deaerator in a steam power plant ?

Question.84:- Why thermal power stations are always situated by the side of a river or lake ?

Question.85:- What do you mean by donor and acceptor impurities ?

Question.86:- What items constitute the fixed and running charges of generation of electrical energy ?

Question.87:- Why the hydroelectric power plants are suited for both base load and peak load plants ?

Question.88:- What is difference between a short-circuit and a over load ?

Question.89:- Which is the largest desert in the world?

Question.90:- What are International Accounting Standards and which body is responsible for establishing them?

Question.91:- What are the functions of panels and fire-fighting equipment in a electrical substation ?

Question.92:- Transformer are rated in KVA instead of KW. Why ?

Question.93:- What is a central bank and what does it do?

Question.94:- Which is the largest country in the world by land mass?

Question.95:- How to choose a good domain name for your website ?

Question.96:- How to handle exam stress ?

Question.97:- What is the importance of having enough sleep?

Question.98:- Importance of water to our bodies.

Question.99:- What are insurance companies and what do they do?

Question.100:- What is a transformer and how does it work?