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Question.101:- Who are external auditors and what do they do?

Question.102:- What are benefits of morning walk ?

Question.103:- Who are internal auditors and what do they do?

Question.104:- What are financial statements? Give a brief about them.

Question.105:- What Sarees are in fashion now ?

Question.106:- How long should a Saree be ?

Question.107:- Is Saree business profitable?

Question.108:- Is Saree a formal dress?

Question.109:- Can Saree be worn without petticoat?

Question.110:- Can silk saree be dyed?

Question.111:- Can saree be worn without fall?

Question.112:- Are sarees worn in Pakistan?

Question.113:- Are sarees in fashion?

Question.114:- Are sarees cheap in Kanchipuram?

Question.115:- What are mutual funds?

Question.116:- What is binary options trading?

Question.117:- Give a brief about the sun.

Question.118:- Give a brief about bones in a human being.

Question.119:- Can we import used laptops in India?

Question.120:- How to whiten teeth?

Question.121:- Resume writing tips

Question.122:- How to make a pizza?

Question.123:- Which diet to follow for weight loss?

Question.124:- How to download youtube videos?

Question.125:- Which is the tallest building in the world?

Question.126:- What are the differences between iOS and Android ?

Question.127:- What are opportunities for a house wife for earn money at home ?

Question.128:- How can I earn money through Instagram ?

Question.129:- How many countries make up the United Kingdom and what is their brief history?

Question.130:- How many countries make up the UAE (United Arab Emirates)?

Question.131:- How many countries are there in the world?

Question.132:- How do I earn in affiliate marketing?

Question.133:- How can a person earn money from full-time blogging?

Question.134:- Which Bollywood actress won the Filmfare Best Actress award of 2020?

Question.135:- What are the 10 best sarkari naukri in India?

Question.136:- What is Android ?

Question.137:- Why maximum people want to do sarkari naukri in India?

Question.138:- What is the best e-commerce website for kids items in India?

Question.139:- What the best places to visit in Delhi?

Question.140:- What mask to wear in coronavirus?

Question.141:- What does coronavirus do to your body?

Question.142:- What is coronavirus?

Question.143:- Corona Virus (COVID-19) cases spreaded in India ?

Question.144:- What are the symptoms of corona virus (COVID-19)?

Question.145:- Is there any vaccine available for treatment of novel Corona Virus (COVID-19)?

Question.146:- How does the novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) spreads ?

Question.147:- How to prevent Corona Virus (COVID-19) from spreading?

Question.148:- What is the cure of novel Corona Virus (COVID-19)?

Question.149:- There is only 1 ocean in the world, but how many Ocean basins are there and which ones are they?

Question.150:- How many states does the USA have, and how many of them are contiguous?