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Question.151:- Which is the largest company in the world in terms of market capitalization as of 2020 and what is its capitalization?

Question.152:- Which is the largest stock exchange and what is its approximate capitalization?

Question.153:- What is meant by short-circuit ?

Question.154:- What is the difference between an ideal and practical transformer ?

Question.155:- What are the applications of microprocessor ?

Question.156:- What is a microprocessor and how microcomputer is different from a microprocessor ?

Question.157:- What is linear commutation ?

Question.158:- What is armature reaction ?

Question.159:- What are the antonyms and synonyms of the word 'absonant' ?

Question.160:- What are the antonyms and synonyms of the word 'absolve' ?

Question.161:- How hearts does an octopus have?

Question.162:- What is Bitcoin ?

Question.163:- Which is the biggest state in the US?

Question.164:- Which is considered the deepest point in the Pacific Ocean and how far is it from the surface?

Question.165:- Which land mammal has the biggest heart and how much does its heart weigh?

Question.166:- How many years did it take for the Great wall of China to be constructed?

Question.167:- Which is the biggest rain forest in the world?

Question.168:- Which is the best advertising agency in Bangalore?

Question.169:- Which country is known as the 'Playground of Europe' ?

Question.170:- Which country's flag is red with crescent and star ?

Question.171:- Shamrock is the national emblem of which country ?

Question.172:- What is the national flower of Australia ?

Question.173:- Which country's Parliament is Pyithu Hluttaw ?

Question.174:- What is the national emblem of Australia ?

Question.175:- What is the name of the Parliament of Cuba ?

Question.176:- What is the name of Israel's Parliament ?

Question.177:- What is the national animal of USA ?

Question.178:- What is the national flower of France ?

Question.179:- What is the national anthem of France ?

Question.180:- What is the national emblem of Scotland ?

Question.181:- What is the national flower of United Kingdom ?

Question.182:- What is the national animal of New zealand ?

Question.183:- Which animal is the symbol of the World Wildlife fund ?

Question.184:- Who was the inventor of IC (Integrated Circuit) ?

Question.185:- What was the real name of Rajneesh,the charismatic godman of India,also know as 'Osho' ?

Question.186:- Who was the first women to walk in the space ?

Question.187:- What was the real name of the Mother Teresa (1910-97) ?

Question.188:- Alexander the great was the king of which country ?

Question.189:- What term represents the mean distance between the sun and the earth ?

Question.190:- Who invented the reflector telescope in 1668 ?

Question.191:- Who was the first to use the term 'black hole' for a completely collapsed star ?

Question.192:- What is the Big Bang theory ?

Question.193:- Who was the first man to walk on the moon?

Question.194:- What is the full name of SMS ?

Question.195:- What does VIRUS stand for ?

Question.196:- What is a 'poncho' ?

Question.197:- In which country 'Bird's nest soup is popular ?

Question.198:- Which Indian won a National Award for a film acting at the age of 80 ?

Question.199:- Who was the first African-American to win an Oscar ?

Question.200:- Who is the oldest winner of a Best Actress Oscar ?