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Address: No. 58, Hetang Road, Luyang Industrial Park, hefei, anhui, China

Price: USD 9999/Piece

Company Name - Hefei Leadall Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd

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Product Description

Technical parameters:

Packaging material: 1. Woven bag 2. Kraft bag 3. Composite film plastic bag

Packaging bag dimensions (mm): (800~1000)×(450~550) L×W

Packaging weight range: 25~50kg/bag

Measuring accuracy: ±10g

Packaging speed: 8~12 packs/min (slight variation depending on the packaging material, bag size etc.)


Sealing mode:

1. Woven bag: folding/seaming

2. Kraft paper bag: heat sealing/seaming

3. Composite film plastic bag: heat sealing

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