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Address: Shop No 18 Shyamal Row Houses Shop No 18 F F Dhananjay Tower BH 3B 100 Feet Rd, Satellite, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Price: INR 500/Visit

Company Name - Sabka Dentist

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Product Description

Dentures are a set of artificial teeth and gums that are formed in a laboratory by the dentists to be fixated inside your mouth and to replace lost or removed natural teeth. Flexible Dentures can either be full or partial, meaning they can either replace all teeth on either the top or bottom gum line or just a few that are missing. Regardless of what kind of dentures you may need, they will be custom designed to fit your mouth and visually matched to your existing teeth. Dentures are useful for many reasons. Dentures do not spoil the facial structure, make your mouth available again for biting and chewing, and also corrects other dental problems also. 

Pediatric dentists/kids dentists are experts who have completed a specialized course of dentistry that treats children who have special dental needs or otherwise need smooth dental care. The kid’s dentist has pursued specialized training for two to three years after graduating from dental school. It includes dental training, where they work with children from birth to teenage, who have more severe dental needs and emergencies, and training in numerous orthodontic teeth-straightening methods in children. Pediatric dentists bond closely with patients and their parents regarding their oral health and care. 

A dental filling is a way to restore a damaged or  decayed tooth back to its normal function and shape. When a dentist gives you a filling, they first remove the decayed tooth by using a drill to clean the affected area, and then fills the cleaned out cavity with a filling material. By closing off spaces where bacteria can enter, a filling also helps prevent further decay. Materials used for fillings include gold, porcelain, a composite resin (tooth-colored fillings), and an amalgam (an alloy of mercury, silver, copper, tin and sometimes zinc).

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