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Product Description

When we talk about Embedded Systems, we know that it plays a vital role in today’s world. Let’s see the definition of an embedded system. An embedded system is a microcontroller or microprocessor-based system with a dedicated function within a larger mechanical or electrical system. In our day-to-day life, we frequently use many electrical and electronic circuits and kits which are designed using embedded systems technology. Our embedded systems course in Bangalore as well as in the whole world is a rapidly growing industry where growth opportunities are numerous. They are used in everywhere, for example, In navigation tools like global positioning system (GPS), automated teller machines (ATMs), networking equipment, digital video cameras, mobile phones, Robotics application, aerospace applications, telecom applications, etc. Let’s see the example of embedded systems in our daily life.

Television(TV) is one of them, have you ever thought about how it works? There is an embedded system inside a television which allows users to change channels while sitting a few meters away from it. The user sends input using wireless remote control, microcontroller inside TV receives the input via the receiver, microcontroller identifies which key is pressed and perform the output on the screen. In this case, an input device is a remote control and buttons on TV and output device is the TV screen.

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