Lidocaine Xylocaine CAS 137-58-6 Lidocaine hcl Lidocaine Hydrochloride CAS: 6108-05-0

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Lidocaine Hydrochloride Manufacturers And Suppliers

Address: 520, SW Fifth St, Cross Plains, Texas, United States

Price: USD 20/Kilogram

Company Name - curepharma

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Product Description

Lidocaine Xylocaine CAS 137-58-6 Lidocaine hcl Lidocaine Hydrochloride CAS: 6108-05-0   Gurantee 100% safe shipping to USA Europe Canada Mexico, free of customs clearance.  We will ship by special line that shipping company do custom clearance and deliver to door. 100% safe delivery!

Lidocaine Anti-pain Pharmaceutical Material Xylocaine CAS 137-58-6 Lidocaine Hcl Local Anesthetic  Product name:Linocaine HCL, Linocaine Hydrochloride  Assay (%):≥99.5 CAS: 6108-05-0  Appearance: white powder Shipping time: Within 48 hours after payment Delivery time: 9-12 working days Payment method: Western union / Moneygram /Bitcoin / TT Delivery method: Express(FedEx,TNT,DHL,EMS) / Airport / Sea or according customer requirement Free sample:available Lidocaine HCL Usage:Topically used to relieve itching, burning and pain from skin inflammations, injected as a dental anesthetic, or as a local anesthetic for minor surgery.

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