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5 things that one should remove from their Kitchen shelves to have a healthier Lifestyle?

Question by Priya Maheshwari On 08 February 2021, 12:32:47

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Answer by Priya Maheshwari On 12 February 2021, 12:58:32

Living a Healthy lifestyle could be a very daunting task. But starting small is always a great option. Due to our busy lifestyle and quick food, our habits have taken a backseat. Comfort food is the worst thing that we can do with our bodies. Here are 5 things that you should replace from your kitchen shelves with healthier options- 

1. Bread Spreads-

Spreads like chocolate spreads, jams, flavored butter, etc. contain a lot of processed sugar, bad fats, preservatives and should be removed from your daily diet to stay fit and healthy. These spreads could be replaced with options like- 

-Natural peanut butter (Crunchy/Creamy). 

-Homemade Hazelnut Chocolate spread. 

Natural Almond Butter.

- Home made Butters

These options could be a bit pricy but are for sure worth the money. They do not have added or unnatural sugar that harms your body. 


2. Water-Based Flavoured Drinks

Water-Based drinks like that guarantee you to give relief in the scorching heat have a lot of processed sugar in them, though they provide instant relief from heat and humidity. They also add a lot of unnecessary sugar to the human body. These drinks can be replaced by sherbets made at home like saunf (Fennel) and Kokum Sherbet. You can even mix some sattu powder with some sugar and have it with cold water and ice. 


3. Packet Soups

Packaged soups are a big NO! We often feel that they are very healthy and have low calories, but have you ever tried to look back at what goes into making these soups? Most of the ingredients are unnatural and preserved. The soups even don't taste authentic, then why do you have these? Making soup could be super easy and there are tons of recipes over youtube. Just pick anyone and get started with fresh vegetables. 


4. Health Drinks

Health drinks are an integral part of households these days, especially if there are kids in the house. These Drinks make huge promises but do not deliver their tall claims like immunity boosting, increasing weight, etc. They are just a mix of preservatives, artificial flavors, bad fats, and additives. Earlier our grandmothers used to make these drinks at home and they were much healthier options for kids. Here's a quick recipe that can be used to make the milk healthy and tasty.


5. Ready to Eat Popcorn

We always binge on Popcorns while watching a movie or a series on TV, but these have so many unnecessary fats and preservatives that harm your body. Instead, making fresh popcorns in a cooker or kadhai could be a better option. Also, it takes only around that much time to be made if we have everything at home. So why waste money and have so many unnecessary calories?


Shifting to healthier options could be a very time-consuming process and might also be a bit heavy on the pocket at times. But just in a small time, we realize the benefits of these small changes we make to our lifestyle to stay fit and healthy. 

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