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Are online classes cost effective?

Question by Ritika Mangla On 01 February 2021, 22:24:15

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Answer by Ritika Mangla On 03 February 2021, 10:37:35

In today's difficult  times, online classes/tuitions are very important ,common and only safe option.  It is a fast-growing phenomenon and extremely advantageous for students. 

This is a hugely popular platform for imparting knowledge to the students. This process gives an opportunity to both teachers as well as the students to make the most of this idea. Students have the option to learn and study from the best teachers at their fingertips.

This innovative idea is fascinating for students and they enjoy the different concepts and methods of education under the guidance of professional and qualified teachers.

This unique method of teaching offers classes for students from nursery to 12th standard and beyond. You can choose the stream , course or any subject relevant to you and as per your requirement.

Change is constant and this change in the educational methods is for the better. There are a few factors which are responsible for the success of this new idea of teaching.

  • The fact that all it needs is internet which easily available and interests everyone.
  • You don't need to leave your home and comfort.
  • It is economical.
  • Trained ,highly qualified, experienced tutors (IGSE tutors ,CBSE tutors ,IB tutors).


What is meant by online tuitions?

The agenda of online tuitions is the same as that of a personal tuition except for the difference in the communication Medium. This new/recent method of teaching and learning enables you to share and learn from the comforts of your homes provided you have the Internet facility.

You could be anywhere in the world but as long as you have good internet connectivity, you do not need to worry. Online classes are an alternative to the traditional form of tuition and have also gained a lot of popularity.

What to look for while selecting an online class platform?

There are various websites available that provide online tuitions/classes but the task is to choose one out of them. There are various options, factors which will help you decide what you should look for while selecting your online tuition website. There are a few important points that you should think about and keep in mind before making the call.

  • Don't follow the crowd:-  Some students tend to blindly follow and go by other’s words. The ‘word of mouth' culture does not always yield good results. So, just because somebody from your batch enrolled in a particular platform, it does not mean it will suit you too. You must do your research and find out the pros and cons of the course being offered and what you are getting into. Post that you can make your choice.


  • You need to analyze your strengths, weaknesses, requirements, and areas that need help. You need to find the course, the subject you want online classes for, and which website is the best in that, particular department.


  • Don't make your decision just based on offers, discounts, or referrals. Be sure of your purpose and focus on that and make the decision.


  • There are options for trials and booking sessions before enrolling for a full-term course with online classes/tuitions. You can try and test whether the particular platform, its way of teaching suits you or not. You don't have to immediately pay at once but you can check with a trial /session whether you are comfortable or not and whether you would like to continue with the classes or not.


  • This idea of free/paid learning sessions is a huge advantage in choosing the right platform which is reliable and the best for you. You can choose any subject /course of your choice to see whether you are satisfied with their method, way, and quality Of teaching or not. You can continue if your expectations are met, concerns and doubts addressed and resolved, or else you can leave without any hesitation. This is a great option with no compulsion to join or pay.
  • Another very important thing before enrolling yourself into a online tuition website is checking the reviews and gathering information of the website. You must spend some time in research and gain information about the portal through social pages , or other sources to know about the reputation and image of the concerned brand/ website.
  • Do not take a decision based on petty factors like gender , religion , etc. because it is absolutely unnecessary. Do not have any prejudices or biases before making your choice. Your goal should  only be quality education.
  • It is very important to know the details of the tutor as well. Their experience, knowledge and expertise matters a lot.  So , a tutor with certain qualifications and skills is a must.


Are online tuitions cost effective ?

Online tuitions /classes are cost effective as compared to personal tuition classes. They don't pinch the pocket and are budget friendly.

If you have internet connectivity , then this facility of online classes can be availed from any corner of the globe. Which means you don' t have to step out of your house which protects you from deadly corona and also saves the transportation/ commutation cost. You don't have to spend huge amount of money in travelling.

Usually, parents search for the best option /educational center/ tuitions for their children but end up spending most of their savings on petrol or in some cases, they give up the idea of sending their students for coaching /personal tuitions since they can not afford it.

Also , online tuition fees is reasonable as compared to coaching centers, home tuitions or any other form of personal tuitions. The aim of online classes is to make the services and education available to one and all at a reasonable, affordable fees.

Why are online tuitions important? What are the its benefits?

  1. Better understanding of topics for students :-

 Live classes help understand the subject better and keep the interest of the students alive. This method of teaching pays more attention on students as compared to coaching centers where the attention of the teacher is distributed amongst various students.

Here ,students get undivided attention of the teacher and are able to clear their doubts on an one to one basis. This process leaves no scope of confusion and there is more clarity and understanding in the learning process.

  1. Better coordination with the tutor :-

This procedure of teaching enables better understanding and coordination between the teacher and the student. There is better interaction and understanding between the tutor and the children. Doubts can be easily resolved , solutions provided and queries answered without feeling the need to hesitate. This environment supports healthy learning with better results.

  1. Qualified and professional teachers :-

This platform of teaching assures best teachers who are experts in their field. Usually ,the teachers employed for the online classes are professionals having high level of experience which ensures quality teaching . The students can rely on their teachings and rest assured that their future is in safe hands .

  1. Innovative ideas :-

 Online classes / tuitions are a shift from the traditional way of teaching. With the shift ,comes new ideas and techniques which make it easy for the student to grasp better and they don't have to mug up the course.

  1. Provision to record the live session :-

Online classes / tuitions also have an advantage as compared to traditional ways of tuitions. It provides an option of recording the live classes . you can record the tutorial classes on your system and revisit at times of need. It is a very useful feature and is helpful in many ways for the students. This option proves extremely beneficial at the time of exams. The students can watch the recording and revise the topics taught the topics taught during classes.

Also, sometimes it is not possible to understand everything in one go during the class. That is another situation when this feature proves to be very useful.

  1. Affordable and user friendly:-

Another very big advantage of this method of teaching is that it is extremely affordable and user friendly. Online tutorial classes save the money otherwise spent on books ,travel in case of commuting for tuition classes whereas with online technique of studying , there is no need to buy books as all the study material is available on the online portal. It is a convenient and advance way where everything is made according to your comfort.

  1. Personalized attention:-

This method ensures proper care and attention for every student. Particular problem of the student is addressed and properly handled. The teachers make sure that the student is convinced, satisfied and has understood the topic. Important topics , and student's weak points are considered and paid special attention to. Important chapters ,areas of difficulty for the student are never neglected or taken lightly.


  1. Better exam results :-

It is because of the skilled , experienced , professional teachersand well planned strategy that students are able to achieve the goal with flying colors. Result is always the focus and the emphasis is always on getting better results. Online classes is one medium / platform that understands thatevery student is unique and every student has their own strengths and weaknesses. Online tuitions provide a platform for one and all and it ensures one on one communication with every student and plans their study graph accordingly.

  1. Customized study plans :-Tutors providing online tuition also have an option to devise customized study plans for every student depending upon each student's capabilities,expertise and weaknesses. This option is not available in traditional form of tuitions

10.Friendly learning environment:-

Online tuition classes offer friendly environment for students to establish a good rapport with students and to make them comfortable and boost their confidence and learning abilities. It does not aim at creating stressful environment but at enhancing their capabilities.They do not focus on providing huge amounts of home work or mugging up the syllabus but on tapping their potential.

 11.Experimental approach:-

The online tuitions are very different in approach from regular tuition classes. Online tuitions do not follow a rigid plan. They try and take up methods which bring out the best in the student . The aim is to increase the efficiency of the student and they follow different procedures to do the same. There is no fixed technique and they try to create an interesting environment and platform for learning.

12. Flexible timetables :-

There is no hard and fast rule for homework or timetable.  The best thing about online tuition platforms is that they are flexible with their time tables. There is no restriction or rule for the students to  follow a fixed time table . Students have the freedom to decide that which time suits them to attend the online class. This way ,students don’t take it as a burden or pressure and show more interest and enthusiasm towards it and look forward to the classes.

13. Beneficial for parents:-

This method of online education is not just beneficial for the students but for the parents as well. It reduces their burden and provides a relief to them in terms of money ,convenience time and efforts. They do not have to continuously run after them for studying, home work ,books ,study material or to drop them to tuition classes. Online classes , in a way take care of everything on its own along with instilling interest in the students towards education and learning. The process of online education is more interesting and less hectic.


There are several online websites, portals available offering online education/tuition options. So ,all you need to do is create an account on your preferred website and get started. There are many satisfied clients too. You  should give it a try too.


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