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Benefits of swimming.

Question by Sydney Mulunda On 23 March 2020, 19:19:08

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Answer by Sydney Mulunda On 23 March 2020, 19:26:55

We swim because of many different reasons. Some people swim as a way of recreation while others take swimming as a sport. Well, its true to say that swimming has alot of benefits, some of which are:

  1. It helps to reduce stress taht one may have. This is so because it helps to relax the muscles in the body. It is a good way to relieve stress.
  2. It is a great way to cool the body in a hot day.
  3. Swimming helps improve blood circulation in the brain by 14% thereby makimg one smarter.
  4. It facilitates general body fitness because while swimming the whole body gets to work out.
  5. For those looking to cut some weight, swimming is a good way to help them in their quest. 
  6. Swimming is also good for the lungs as it can help to get better use of them as we inhale and exhale.

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