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Can coronavirus spread through food?

Question by Uzaif Ali On 26 March 2020, 08:55:40

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Answer by Uzaif Answers On 26 March 2020, 09:01:43

Coronavirus or COVID-19, the cause of its rapid spread is its ability to survive on different surfaces for a very long time and if a virus is residing on any kind of surface a fair chance prevails that it will be contracted in to human body. As far as food is considered WHO has also verified that the coronavirus can spread through food and it is most likely that the virus was first transferred into human body because of the eating habit of humans. If the droplets of coronavirus are residing on any kind of food and a person eats that particular food he/she will have the virus in his/her body, due to this kind of situation governments are taking strict measures of lockdown in order to contain the virus. It is in best of our interests that we should stay home and stay safe.

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