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Can Saree be worn without petticoat?

Question by Uzaif Answers On 19 March 2020, 16:15:25

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Answer by Uzaif Ali On 19 March 2020, 16:19:29

It totally depends on you how you wear the saree but it is important to note here that a saree must be worn with all its parts because the elegance of your dress depends on how you wear your dress if you wear it perfectly you will look elegant and outstanding. Simply you can wear a saree without petticoat but what saree experts says about it is that you should always wear saree with petticoat otherwise it doesn't look up to the mark because petticoat is an essential part of it. Hope you'll wear your saree according to set rules to look elegant and stand out but the choice is yours how you wear the saree as long as it suites you, you are right.

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