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Did coronavirus come from a lab?

Question by Uzaif Ali On 26 March 2020, 08:57:23

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Answer by Uzaif Answers On 26 March 2020, 09:05:01

The news revolving around that the coronavirus or COVID-19 is lab engineered is just like fiction movie scene because humans are to known to so advance microbiology neither we have such efficient resources nor microbiologists that we can generate a widespreading virus in a lab till date. There are many conspiracies regarding to coronavirus but all of those are fake because scientists have found the chain of the virus which is from animals and it is not possible that this virus could be engineered in a lab while earlier in history most of the time humans have contracted with viruses from animals but this virus has just different ability of spreading and infectivity that it has been considered as global pandemic. These fields of research are related to coronavirus or COVID-19, . Molecular Biology . Biotechnology . Microbiology . Molecular Genetics . Genetic Engineering . Bioinformatics . Genomics and computational biology . Applied and Life Sciences . Health and Medical Science . Environmental Science . Agricultural and botanical Science . Animal and Zoological Science . Disease control and health care sciences . Immunology and Pharmaceutical Science and none of these can generate the coronavirus in a lab.

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