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Give a brief about the sun.

Question by Sydney Mulunda On 18 March 2020, 19:12:52

Please write a genuine and meaningful answer to get a good ranking.

Answer by Sydney Mulunda On 18 March 2020, 19:21:04

The sun is a star thst id found at the heart of the solar system and makes up 99.86% of the entire solar system's mass. It is made up of hot glowing gases, hydrogen and helium. The sun's temperature on the surface is about 10000 degrees fahrenheit whereas its core is about 27 million degrees fahrenheit. It has an average diameter of 864000 miles and is 109 times the size of our earth. Its gravitational pull is so strong that it keeps everything together in our solar system. Most of us think the sun is yellow or white but it is actually a mixture of all colours at the same time. 

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