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Give a brief history about the pyramids of Egypt.

Question by Sydney Mulunda On 25 March 2020, 18:45:28

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Answer by Sydney Mulunda On 25 March 2020, 19:06:10

Without a doubt, the pyramids of Egypt have been classified among the seven wonders of the world for a long time. There are very interesting facts about them some of which are:

  • They were built from the Old Kingdom to the close of the Ptolemaic period in the forth century A.D but interestingly enough some of the are still present, more than 4000 years later.
  • There is a lot of controversy pertaining to the people who built the pyramids during the different times they existed. Some say that there were slaves who built the pyramids wheras other say that Egyptian labourers were the ones who built them. 
  • Roughly, it took 20 years with a labour force of about 20,000 men for a pyramid to be built, with respect to acheological evidence. They required 2.3 million blocks of stone, with each stone weighing about 2.3 tonnes

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