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How a water pump is selected?

Question by TFT pumps On 08 June 2021, 21:23:03

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Answer by TFT pumps On 08 June 2021, 21:23:38

"    Before talking about a pump, consider the pipe. Velocity of liquid in pipes ranges between 3 to 10 feet per second (ft/sec). If the velocity is too slow, the dirt, sludge or other contaminants can settle.

    Now that we have the pipe, pressure is the next step. Pressure comes from friction and elevation. We will assume no elevation changes along the pipe run.

    We now can estimate the power. See Equation 4. This will likely require a 40-horsepower motor. Note our “bold” assumption of the efficiency being 70 percent—a rough guess we need to refine now.

    Go to the “Pump Efficiency Calculator” program.

It can also be selected on the basis of requirement. In some Ares, water pressure is low, so a pump having good capacity to boost the water pressure is required at that place. Every pump has its own features and specifications, so the best way is to check the PDF files containing all information about a particular pump." Know more @

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