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How can you get 2000 Instagram followers in just 1 Month?

Question by Priya Maheshwari On 01 February 2021, 13:46:41

Please write a genuine and meaningful answer to get a good ranking.

Answer by Jitendra Kumar On 21 February 2021, 16:46:02

Thank you for this useful information. It’s well appreciated. Can anybody else give their inputs to make this page more informative and meaningful?

Answer by Priya Maheshwari On 19 February 2021, 13:20:18

Some Ways to Get 2000 Followers on Instagram In A Month

Over 40% of the internet users are also on Instagram! Isn’t that cool? It certainly is! As of 2020, India had the second-highest number of Instagram followers in the world, with almost 73 million active accounts. Most of the brands also have a presence on this platform, market their products, engage with their customers and advertise on this platform as well. Instagram generates over 50 times the engagement than that of Facebook. And the more you interact with your customer the more chances are there for a conversion.

Building a loyal following on Instagram could be a daunting task and might be a lot of work, but if the content that you create is good and consistent it could be super easy.

Let’s see a few tips and tricks that might get you, 2000 followers, in a month-

  1. Keep your hashtag game strong- Using hashtags on social media these days is very important. But what is more important is that those hashtags are relevant to what’s trending over the space. Otherwise, your great piece of content could go to waste. Instagram allows 30 hashtags per post and these should be used wisely. The greater number of people who see you on their feeds the more chances of getting followers for your brand. Tools like Ingramer could be used to generate hashtags.
  2. Create content with which people can relate- It is very important for any brand to create content that speaks its voice and is unique and creative. People who follow you have a desire to get more and more content, which means you must be very consistent with your content as well. Therefore, your content should be relatable and should also connect with the daily events happening around us. Everything that you create should be in line with the brands' voice. You cannot be talking about cigarettes if you are a lifestyle blog.
  3. Engage with the followers- If you have 1 million followers and you do not engage with them, then these followers are practically of no use. You should put up posts that involve people and make them like/share and comment on your content. That way your followers keep increasing and you get to know if they want to be engaged with the brand. A very good example of such a post that I came across was that an account has put up a post where every viewer had to comment with a positive word starting from "S". The post not just got a great response but was also trending. 
  4. Connect and follow- One of the best ways to get people’s attention to your business is to get into their notifications. Yes, over 55% of people check their notifications immediately when their phone/laptop chimes. And the way you can draw their attention to your brand is by following them and engaging with their posts. It is simple, say you are a restaurant serving Mexican food, a simple search with #MexicanFoodLovers will throw up hundreds of posts of people who talk about it. Now all you have got to do is check out posts and profiles that have a decent engagement and following and follow them, like a few of their posts, drop a genuine comment.
  5. Post regularly- Planning out your social media calendar well in advance works the best for you. Post regularly and never let your account get dormant. Always try to keep the content as real as possible. Also, going live occasionally would not hurt. One thing that works mostly for everyone is that planning the calendar at least a week in advance. That way you can get more ideas of what to post and how to do it. Also, follow your competitors and see what they do differently.
  6. Connect with Influencers- Connecting with people who have a huge fan following is also very beneficial. They can make or break a business and the basis of their influence. And getting positive engagement from them means you stand a sure shot chance of getting a small, but a considerable chunk of their followers too.

If you follow these suggestions consistently there would be a sharp shoot in the number of followers that you have on Instagram. As the numbers steadily increase, you can try some paid promotions. If people love your organic content, then paid promotions would do wonders for your brand and channel. Keep your audience entertained, offer discounts and additional services to get repeat customers. Ask people who bought your product to tag you whenever they up a picture with that product. Your customers could be the best brand advocates that you have. Keep it real and keep it consistent!

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