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How do I reset my

Question by rick borin On 06 September 2022, 15:56:21

Answer by rick borin On 06 September 2022, 16:11:35

While upgrading the firmware of a router, a user has to make sure that he is downloading the correct firmware version for the device. An incorrect firmware can disrupt the functioning of a router and can degrade the network quality of your network. Users are advised to create a backup of the current configuration files through the dlinkrouter.local window so that you can easily restore them after the update process.

Answer by rick borin On 06 September 2022, 15:56:41 provides the information for reference only .ASUS router default address is HTTPS:// And if we have changed the port number, type the revised port number after address , instead of the default 8443.If we try to access our ASUS router via HTTPS in browser , we would probably see a warning message because browser needs a signed certificate to verify the identity of the device.

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