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How does the novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) spreads ?

Question by Uzaif Answers On 17 March 2020, 14:06:28

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Answer by Uzaif Ali On 17 March 2020, 14:09:56

Corona Virus (COVID-19) doesn't travel in air instead its molecules sat on every kind of objects or clothes and its way to human body is through eyes, nose and mouth. When a person touches any object infected with corona virus and then touches his eyes, nose or mouth the virus travels in his/her body. The virus has ability to spread three times of local influenza and it can last for maximum 9 to 10 days on any surface but can be easily eliminated through cleaning using alcohol based cleaners. Doctors suggest to keep your hands clean and wash them again and again upto 20 seconds to eliminate the virus spread and donot touch your face with unwashed hands.

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