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How long can a submersible well pump run continuously?

Question by TFT pumps On 09 September 2021, 07:39:13

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Answer by TFT pumps On 09 September 2021, 07:39:43

Mostly, Submersible Pumps have the ability to run all days and nights because of their high-efficiency property. Hence, there is a chance of running submersible pumps 24*7 is possible, and it might have disadvantages too.

The important thing in running the pump is not to operate as dry due to as it because of great damage to motor inner parts and pumps. So always start the motor after checking whether the water is present or not.

Generally, the water is brought out from the well, making verification whether the water is good or not. If it is good, it doesn’t damage the pump and the connected motor, whereas it is bad, surely it damages the good pump. Actually, on a submersible well pump operating and stopping is only a hard task to do, so you need of good well with a lot of water accessible in it to run continuously for the whole day.

Also, it is based on the type of motor is connected and how works good or bad. Alternatively, you can search on Google if you know the model of the pump, all details are shown on the results of Google.

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