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How many countries make up the United Kingdom and what is their brief history?

Question by Sydney Mulunda On 17 March 2020, 20:02:04

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Answer by Sydney Mulunda On 17 March 2020, 20:10:26

The United Kingdom (UK) which comprises of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is amde up of 4 countries namely: England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales with the capital being London. The UK is ruled by a constitutional monarchy form of government that comprises of two legislative houses; The House of Lords and the House of Representatives. Queen Elizabeth II is the Sovereign Head of state whereas Boris Johnson is the prime minister. The official languages spoken in the UK are English, Scots Gaelic and English in Scotland and English and Welsh in Wales. It has a popupation of 66,834,000 as of 2019 and its currency is the Pound Sterling. Life expectancy for the males is 78.1 years while for the females is 83.1 years.

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