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How to access Linksys Velop Login as bridge mode via app?

Question by Linksys Velop On 04 May 2021, 18:40:37

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Answer by Linksys Velop On 04 May 2021, 18:44:00

Linksys Velop login and setup velop settings using velop app. While Linksys Velop is a bridge type, Velop has no distinction. Everyone is tired of connecting to an existing WLAN or Velop router and communicating with everyone on the same network.
Linksys Velop Login

Steps to access Linksys Velop with Bridge mode turned on (via app):


  • Log in to Linksys Velop dashboard Download the Linksys app from Google and the Apple Play Store
  • First of all, connect your mobile phone via a Linksys SmartWifi session. To do this, go to the Wi-Fi settings, select the SSID name of the Linksys Smart WiFi network and enter the password.
  • Click the connect button
  • After connecting to the Linksys network, launch the Linksys Velop application
  • If you agree to all the terms and conditions that the Linksys Velop panel can access on a single page, you must enter your router's name and password and click Enter.
  • This will take the user to the opening of the Linksys Velop page.
  • Now you can easily manage all the features and functions of the Linksys series.

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