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how to choose a good domain name for your website ?

Question by Rahul Gohil On 20 March 2020, 16:47:34

Please write a genuine and meaningful answer to get a good ranking.

Answer by Cloudi5 Coimbatore On 13 October 2020, 12:08:52

Keep it short with keywords and also user geographic area. Try to avoid numbers.

By Cloudi5 web design company in Coimbatore

Answer by Rahul Gohil On 20 March 2020, 16:48:40

  Simple easy to read, say and remember

You want a domain name that is simple to read, say and remember. It also helps if it is easy to type. If you use words or slang with multiple spellings, it makes it difficulties for your customers to remember your domain name and find you. 

  Be careful how words run together

When you think you have found the best domain name, write it down and say it out loud. Look at how the words run together. 

  Length of the domain name shoud be small

Shorter names are easier to remember and to type, which means users are more likely to find you It’s also easier to stand out when there’s less to read. Your domain name should be like your business card: sharp and to the point; it should be a starting point so visitors can follow through on your website for more information. Besides, if you domain name is long and complex, you risk customers mistyping or misspelling it. Short and simple is the way to go.

 Use keywords

Try using keywords that define your business. For example, if you are a travel releted business, you might want to include “travel” in your domain name. Not only does it improve your rank on search engines, it makes more sense to your customers. 

 Avoid numbers and bracket

Numbers and bracket are often misunderstood. People don’t know if you are using a numeral or if it’s spelled out, and they often misplace or forget the dash.

 Use an appropriate domain name extension

The .com domain extension is by far the most popular, up to 80 % on the Internet are .com domains. It is the preferred expansion and the easiest to remember – people automatically think .com when you say domain name. If your first domain name choice is not available, you should try your second choice before settling for other domain extensions.

There are other extensions that you can consider, like .net, .info, .biz, .in.




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