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How to configure Linksys Velop?

Question by jackson manson On 24 June 2021, 21:53:15

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Answer by jackson manson On 24 June 2021, 21:57:02

You have created an account when you setup a Linksys Velop. If you want to secure your Linksys Velop or want it to work better for your devices then make some changes in it. To do these changes, you have to login into your Linksys cloud account. Follow the steps to login.

  1. Open the Linksys Velop app that you have downloaded in your phone at the time of setup.
  2. Enter the email address that you mentioned while creating the account and also enter the password associated with it.
  3. Tap on the login button.
  4. You will see the dashboard after logging successfully.

On the dashboard, you can see how many devices are connected to your Linksys Velop nodes, share passwords with the users, allow guest access to your visitors or devices that have enabled parental controls are also shown on the dashboard. 

In the devices section, view and change the settings of devices connected to Linksys Velop. Guest network users’ settings will also be changed here. You can change the name of the device, device icon, prioritize devices, see WiFi details and much more.

Under WiFi settings, change the network name and password of your wireless connection. If you want to connect devices using WPS (WiFi Protected Setup) then this section will allow you to do so.

Under the advanced settings, a user can change the security type and WiFi mode. Chanel finder is there to get you the best channel so that you get non interrupted internet access. Guest access will allow you to make a separate network from your main network. Speed test tab lets you check the internet speed you are getting from the Velop. Check the speed to know the speed and this will also help you in prioritizing devices. Parental controls lets you set time access for your children so that they can’t be able to access malicious content.

Under device prioritization, you can select up to three devices to give usage of the internet. The devices mentioned here will get the best performance from the Velop when they are connected to the nodes either wirelessly or wired. Other devices will share the leftover data or speed. 

To know more about your Linksys Velop settings or configure linksys wireless velop, get in touch with us. If you are getting some issues with any of the nodes of Linksys Velop then feel free to contact us anytime as we are available 24/7. Call us on the given number or chat live.

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