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How to configure wireless Orbi setup for working with Fios?

Question by Jitendra Kumar On 18 February 2022, 19:05:10

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Answer by Jitendra Kumar On 18 February 2022, 19:07:04

Do you wish to use your Orbi wireless setup with Fios? If yes, then here’s the procedure that will prove t be helpful in configuring your Orbi wireless setup to operate with Fios. 

Fios is referred to an access to bundled television, telephone and internet service that is provided through an optical fiber network. Here’s the procedure for configuring Orbi wireless setup to operate with Fios. 

Steps for enabling Orbi wireless setup to work with Fios:

  1. Turn Off the Wi-Fi network of Verizon Fios
  2. Configure orbi router to behave like an access point

The router needs to be in access point mode then only it will be able to work with Fios. Both of these stated steps have been detailed as follows.

Steps for turning off the Wi-Fi settings of Verizon Fios:

  1. Open any web browser on your internet supporting mobile or computer which is using Verizon Fios router.
  2. Type the URL as and press down the enter key or click on the “Go” button on screen.
  3. The orbi router login page will open up. There type in the linked user ID and password details.
  4. After verification if the credentials are found to correct, then the user will be directed to the home page of their orbi account.
  5. At the home page find the option for “Wireless settings” and click on it.
  6. Within wireless settings, click on the settings option for “Basic Security.”
  7. An option for “Turn Wireless” will show up. So, select the option for “Off” to disable the Wi-Fi settings.
  8.  Move down the page and click on the “Apply” button to save the changes made to Wi-Fi settings.

After the Wi-Fi setting of Verizon Fios has been disabled users may refer to the following procedure for configuring their orbi to act like an access point.

Steps for setting up an orbi router to behave like an access point:

  1. Bring one Ethernet cable to establish connectivity between Version Fios and Orbi router. Plug in the one end of that Ethernet cable to the provided internet port on an Orbi router and connect another end of Ethernet cable with the Ethernet port of Verizon Fios router.
  2. Open any of the browsers on your internet supporting mobile or computer which is using wireless internet network of an Orbi router.
  3. Type in the blank space provided for URL.
  4. An Orbi login window will open up. So, type in the user ID and password related to Orbi admin account.  As per default credentials the user ID is “admin” and the password is “password.” Kindly ensure that both the user ID and password are submitted in their case sensitive format only. So that no password error is encountered due to incorrect format of user ID and password.
  5. Once you are logged in to your Orbi account, click on the option for “Advanced.”
  6. Under Advanced, click on the “Advanced Setup” menu.
  7. Advanced settings page will open up, there click on the Router/AP mode.
  8. You will get directed to Router/AP mode page. There click inside the check box for “AP Mode” to enable it.
  9. Configure the router IP settings by clicking inside the radio buttons for preferred setup method.  Users can opt for either manually assigning the IP address or by dynamically assigning the IP.
  10. If a user opts for dynamic IP assignment then the Verizon Fios router present on network will be responsible for automatically assigning the IP to Orbi router that is configured to access point mode. In case of manual IP assignment users will have to self assign the IP address to their orbi router in access point mode.
  11. After making all the changes, click on the button labeled as “Apply” and all the changes will be retained.  The IP details of an orbi will be changed due to which user might experience a disconnection form network.
  12. Try reconnecting to the network. Users should close down and re-open the web- browser to visit orbi login page.

This is all a user needs to do for using Orbi router setup with Fios. Hope you find it easy to understand and helpful. For more such information kindly keep in touch with orbi support page.