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How to fix orbi purple light?

Question by orbi login On 04 January 2021, 10:56:35

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Answer by Dellla Ansley On 26 May 2021, 20:45:18

Why Orbi purple light and Orbi magenta light error

Are you troubled by the Orbi purple light or the Orbi magenta light? It is one of the most well-known difficulties investigated by Orbi users. Because the Orbi WiFi switch supports network wifi remote innovation, a huge number of customers are concerned about how to resolve a problem with the Orbi WiFi switch. What causes the pink orbi purple light on the switch to flicker, and how to fix it physically using the or login?

The various reasons why users get the orbi purple light or Orbi magenta light error occur on their orbi device.


If you're having trouble with your orbi router blinking purple or orbi magenta light, we'll go over several possible causes here and get to know why orbi purple light or magenta light errors occur.

  1. The most typical cause of purple or magenta LED illumination is an internet network problem.

  2. Orbi magenta light or Orbi purple light error is caused by the router failing to sync with the satellite.

  3. There is some wear and tear on internet wiring or fiber cable is the reason for orbi purple light or magenta light.

  4. Your Orbi wireless router has encountered a number of difficulties and is currently undergoing system diagnostics.

  5. Even extended periods of inactivity or an idle wireless network can cause these problems.

  6. Crashed or outdated firmware can potentially prevent you from using the Orbi wifi router's wireless network.

  7. Infected files may have entered your Orbi wifi router's system when you downloaded the firmware from an untrustworthy or unprotected website.

  8. Viruses and malware can damage your Orbi wifi system's ability to function normally.

  9. It's possible that the Orbi wireless router you're using has a serious flaw. 

  10. You could want to have it changed by the manufacturer or store where you purchased the Orbi wifi equipment.

What is the resolution to the orbi purple light or magenta light error?

Here we describe some reliable steps that can be utilized to solve the orbi purple light error or Orbi magenta light error.

So you can follow these steps in order to resolve the error of orbi purple light error or orbi magenta light error in your orbi device.

  1. The first thing that clients suggest is that you reboot your orbi gadget for a while.

  2. Users must verify their linked devices, such as whether their mobile computer is connected to their wifi orbi router.

  3. If you see a solid magenta LED on your orbi, it's due to a slow internet connection. Contact your ISP.

  4. If you observe orbi flashing orbi purple light or magenta light, it's because your WAN settings are broken.

  5. To resolve the orbi purple light or magenta light error, update the firmware on your orbi wifi router.

  6. Make sure your orbi router is connected to the adapter properly.

  7. Turn down your router and unplug all cables and wires if all wires and connections are correctly attached.

  8. Wait 20 seconds after disconnecting before turning on your orbi router.

  9. After that, disconnect all connections and wires, as well as the Orbi router. Your orbi router's light will change from purple light to white.


  1. If the following instructions don't work, go back to the factory settings on your Orbi router.

Do you require assistance with resolving the error of orbi purple light or Orbi magenta light error?

These are some troubleshooting steps to resolve the Orbi purple light or Orbi magenta light problem. If none of the troubleshooting steps resolve your difficulty, please contact our technical experts for assistance. The effective alternatives to the orbi purple light or magenta light error can be found here. Furthermore, we will give support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can contact us by live chat or toll-free at any time.

Answer by orbi login On 04 January 2021, 10:57:55

Is Your Orbi flashing magenta LED or Orbi WiFi shows pink light? If yes then do check if the orbilogin setup is done properly.  
Ensure orbi and satellite has completely establish connection and there is no corrupted setting.
Check placement and position of Orbi and satellite. Should be close to each other.
If still solid magenta or purple light blinking on Orbi, Then do refer guide to fix orbi purple light

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