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How to fix not working error?

Question by tplink repeater On 22 January 2021, 14:17:21

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Answer by tplink repeater On 22 January 2021, 14:40:49

Fix not working error

Getting issue with connecting admin login page. Or can't access login panel? To increase the Wi-Fi range of Tp-link extender, you can use Tp-link repeater along with router. And to install, configure or setup tp-link exetnder. You need to type in your default browser. Unabe to reach tplink repeater login page and facing not working error. Then do refer answer of question to know the reasons, why can't access login?

Steps to resolve not working trouble

Follow these steps to fix not opening or loading issue.   

  • In the initial step, watch that your gadget i.e extender is appropriately associated or connected with the router. 

  • Clear any reserve memory alas cache memory of your device which is connected associated with the switch. 

  • Ensure that you are putting the exact web address of the tp-link repeater. 

  • Wrong spelling will divert you to some different sites. Or gives 'site not found' error. 

  • Check exetender is properly connected to tplink wifi router.

  • Ensure the placement of extender, must be close to router at intial steps. When connected gets established you can tweak its placement.

  • Do use compatible browser which is upgraded.

  • Check if tplink extender firmware is updated, if not then do it firstly. As outdated or corrupted firmware may causes trouble in connecting tplink extender login page.

Source: Refer advanced guide to fix not working error

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