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How to get More Views on my YouTube Channel?

Question by Adlin Rebekah On 04 September 2021, 16:36:14

Please write a genuine and meaningful answer to get a good ranking.

Answer by Adlin Rebekah On 04 September 2021, 16:43:39

I know there are more than 100s of answers which have been written here and there is huge chances that my answer will get lost in the wave of answers which is written before me.

However does it mean that I should stop answering this question? Of course no !

This is pretty much what happens when you create a Youtube Channel and expect huge views. There are good chances that there are hundreds if not thousands of videos are already created on the videos which probably you are publishing.

So the question is do you really think people should watch your video and not the one which was published years ago and has more social proof of that being a good video which probably will answer what a user is looking for?

If you don’t know what social proof is then let me tell you that Social proofs are the indicators which suggest that a video is good. Social proofs are the views a video receive, number of likes or dislikes, comments, shares on that video.

Now let me make it simpler for you and answer your question of how you may get more views.

  1. Number one thing which comes to getting more and more views are keep producing videos consistently with good quality. Remember the story between rabbit and tortoise? Who wins the race in the end? The one which continues with perseverance. If you produce 5 videos in a day and then produce your next video after 6 months then probably you are not going to get the views which you probably be expecting.
  2. Never judge a book by it’s cover, right? Wrong ! Well when there are thousands of books kept on the shelves you do have to judge the book by its cover and its title. So in short, Keep the best title and thumbnail which you can. Do your research to search for trending keywords on Google Trends.
  3. Have you met a person with opposite gender who looks incredibly smart or beautiful and you feel like getting attracted towards them like a magnet. However just imagine that you started interacting with that person and you don’t like the way he or she talks and so on. Will you continue talking to them? Of course no. So here is your lesson number three, keeping only attractive Title and Thumbnail will only do a little if your video content is not attractive enough. Content is the key after someone decides to click on your video to watch. Try to make it engaging, If you are not able to do that then Youtube will not continue to recommend your videos to other users in suggested video.
  4. Learn about Youtube Algorithm and learn it from the doctors. So what I mean here is that you should learn about how Youtube algorithm works from Youtube Official Videos rather than depending on some random Youtuber who might be just giving you false or incorrect or incomplete knowledge.
  5. Don’t fall for shortcuts and send your videos in Subscribe for Subscribe or Views for Views groups which have been created all over social media. This does more harm than any good. Youtube recommends your videos to more random people if your videos have more engagement. You can learn about engagement in Youtube Official Videos. However in short, more engagement means your videos being watched longer. The shorter your videos are being watched the more Youtube stops recommending your videos. So do you think all the Subscribe for Subscribe or Views for Views social media channels are watching your video longer? Absolutely no!!! They just open it and close the video, which actually starts to penalize your videos.
  6. I Suggested try this one make sure your Video Go Viral.

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