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How to install, configure and setup Tplink extender with WPS buuton?

Question by tplink repeater On 22 January 2021, 12:40:43

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Answer by tplink repeater On 22 January 2021, 12:47:39

Tp-link Extender Setup using WPS 

Tplink repeater is a gadget that essentially broadens your Wifi sign's solidarity and reach. These gadgets are profoundly utilized in workplaces, schools, processing plants, distribution centers, shops, and so on to guarantee greatest web speed in all territories.

tplink extender setup

Install, configure and setup Tp-link Repeater WITH WPS BUTTON

  • To begin with, plug in the TP-Link Extender in the Wall power source near your switch. 
  • Presently press the WPS button on the rear of the switch. After the WPS Led begins flickering, press the WPS button on your Extender.
  • Stand by some time as the TP-Link Extender will naturally design to your Wifi organization. 
  • Presently check if the association is working.


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