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How to move on from someone?

Question by Ujjwal Kashyap On 01 February 2021, 13:46:00

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Answer by Gowthama Buddhan On 01 February 2021, 22:23:55

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Answer by Ujjwal Kashyap On 01 February 2021, 18:55:58

The most difficult thing for a human being is to overcome the addiction. Addiction can be of anything a substance or a human, some people are addicted to drugs, and some people get addicted to humans. The need of the particular human makes you want to be with them all the time and by doing that you are feeding on your addiction.  

To move on from the person, you need to understand there is no particular timing, it can take months or days or even years to move on. You will only move on you when you are fed up with your crying and pain. There will be a time when you want to change that. You will move on when you decide that you don’t want to feel that pain.   

What is moving on? 

Is it falling for another person, or is it forgetting about that Particular person? Moving on simply means accepting the truth that the person you wanted in your life is no longer in your life due to various reasons, and it is their choice to decide if they want to be a part of your life. Once you accept the harsh reality it is time for you to let go of all the loneliness and focus on what is important for you. 

What are the three major steps for moving on? 

  1. Stop all contacts with that person 

The most important thing for you to do is not to contact them anymore, you will lose self-respect if you keep on trying to talk to them and they don’t want you and nothing is worth losing your dignity for someone. It is hard but you have to be a strong person. Stop looking for excuses to text them or see them. Blocking is something that doesn’t help, but if you want you can block them so that you don’t have to see where they are or what they are doing because the more you see them the more you will get eager to meet or talk. 

  1. Forget about their existence 

Once you find out that the person you talk to every day and think about every second is no longer with you can be hard to forget about and your mind will think about them more and more. But here is how you have to deal with it. Do all the things that you love, dance, sing, go out. Do everything to distract yourself because distraction is one of the important factors that will help you get through this. Be so happy that you forget you are even having a bad time. 

  1. Focus on the important things 

Start studying or focusing on your work more and exercise try to get in shape, because you need to know that loving yourself always comes first. Don’t spoil your health and mental health for a person who is not even worth thinking about. Once you start focusing on yourself everything will be fine and 

Things you should not do after a breakup/heartbreak 

  1. Beg them to stay in your life, if it is meant to be they will stay if not then no matter what you do they will leave you. 
  2. Moving on doesn’t mean that you hook up with other people, or you use a person to forget one person, that is the worst thing you can do after a breakup. Most people intend to do that but it doesn’t help you move on with anything it only makes you miss them more. 
  3. Don’t blame yourself or don’t destroy yourself because it is just not worth it. You need to realize what a gem you are and if that person cannot see it then it’s their loss  


Answer by Manish Yadav On 01 February 2021, 18:17:18

You can't do anything in this Just stay busy, be with friends,spend time with family that's it

Answer by Sunny Thakur On 01 February 2021, 17:08:32

That's helpful. And from my viewpoint people make it a centre of attraction in their life, which makes it worse to cope up. We keep holding on so many mixed up emotions inside us which gets very toxic and second toxic thing we do is like cursing ourselves for many reasons in the period so I suggest to go to your closed sibling or your best friends who understands you listens you and yell your heart out, it really helps, it's just like a therapy and start doing all the things which you used to do because that relationship was just a part of your life not any end, you have got other people who love you and you also love them so start giving it less value than before so that you can look up for your worth which was lost somewhere. One more thing I would add here I heard some people never share their heartbreaks to even their closed ones so you should just write whatever you feel inside and read that once or twice. It works like magic ✨ I mean you go through a lot of emotions inside of you, it gets very tough to understand every emotion. Just like friends or siblings help us they see things from a different point of view and that's the same thing we do when we write we get to see things from a different angle which we see this is real and whatever we are thinking is not all true. And I think it's not just about breakup with someone you loved you can do it whenever you go through any rough phase of your life when you feel you aren't able to cope up you're stuck so bad that you are missing out life then you should do it. It's just like knowing yourself a lil better, getting smarter, knowing where you can invest your emotions where your worth will be acknowledged have less chances of going through the phase again. P. S. - You are stronger than you think.

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