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How to propose your significant other?

Question by Ujjwal Kashyap On 03 February 2021, 19:23:09

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Answer by Ujjwal Kashyap On 03 February 2021, 19:23:39

Proposing is a big step that you take towards commitment. If you decide to propose it means you want to share your life with that person. But there is always a fear of getting rejected, you can have second thoughts about the proposal such as, “what if she doesn’t like the proposal”. Most people like decent proposals  but before proposing you need to be sure about your feelings and you need to respect other person’s decision as well. so here are few ways you propose to your loved one.

  1. If you are proposing her/him take them to one of their favorite places such as any restaurant to eat and give a letter and write your feelings and in the end write “Now look at me” and propose her with a promise ring.
  2. You can take your partner to a place and decorate it with the pictures to show the amazing time you have spent with each other and with rose petals and cook for him/her and then tell them about your feelings and ask them to be your life partner.
  3. This is one of the most amazing idea but you need to be very confident about it, take your partner on nice playdate in a mall and go down on one knee and then propose with a flower bouquet and chocolate. By doing this your partner will be very happy and proud to be with you.

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