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How to Setup TP-Link WiFi Extender?

Question by Wireless extender setup On 30 July 2022, 13:20:15

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Answer by Wireless extender setup On 30 July 2022, 13:28:27

Therefore, this guide will show you how to setup tp-link wifi extender? Here, you will get step-by-step instructions to set up the TP-Link extender. So read the steps for tp-link setup.

Follow the straightforward instructions below to set up TP-Link on your smartphone. To increase the wireless network's coverage area or range, carefully follow the instructions below:


  1. Place your TP-Link extension first close to the router. To supply power, insert your extension into the outlet.


  1. Next, use an Ethernet wire to connect your TP-Link extender to your device. Check to see if the Ethernet cable you're using isn't damaged or malfunctioning.


  1. Open a web browser on one of your devices, such as Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, or another. Enter in the browser's address bar.


  1. You are prompted to enter the username and password for the TP-Link extender configuration in a new window that appears on the screen. admin is the standard username and password.


  1. The case of the username and password must match. Therefore, make sure that you have supplied the correct login and password because doing so could result in a number of issues.


  1. To begin the TP-Link extender setup procedure, tap on Quick setup and then the Next button.


  1. The next step is to choose your language, region, and nation. To continue, select the next button. Your smartphone will then start looking for neighbouring networks that are open.


  1. From the list of available networks that you want to extend, select your network name in the following step. To move ahead, tap the Next button. 
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