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How to TPLink extender setup or configure Tplinkrepeater?

Question by Tplinkrepeater Net On 02 June 2021, 12:14:57

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Answer by Tplinkrepeater Net On 02 June 2021, 12:23:48

Follow some of the provided instructions to setup TP-Link extender or configure the settings of admin panel. This information is provided below; be sure to follow them through this step.
1. Turn on the Tplink extender cable: Connect the TPlink extender to the router or to the right with the devices.
2. External connection: Tap the Wi-Fi icon and connect to the website of the Tplink wifi extender. TP-LINK_EXTENDER_XXXXXXX
3. Go to your extender: open your laptop or one of your devices and launch the web browser. Now try the address and hit Enter
Enter your login information when the login window appears. Use the first letters "admin" in both fields (username and password).
Now click the "Login" button to enter the TPlink extender WLAN setup page.
4. Configure After entering the TPlink configuration page, create an admin account management protection and click "Search" to continue.
Now select the router's 2.4 GHz network, enter the WiFi password and click "OK".
In the next step, you can change the SSID extension to 2.4 GHz network interface and click "Next".
In the last step, select "Wireless" and then click "Save".
With these steps you can tplink extender setup, if unable to install tplink repeater or cant configure tplinkrepeater admin panel. Contact tplinkrepeater admin experts to fix the issues.
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