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How to login or Tplink Wi-Fi Admin Setup done?

Question by Tplink WiFi On 25 May 2021, 15:08:05

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Answer by Tplink WiFi On 25 May 2021, 15:09:49

Step 1: Open the browser of the device connected to the website.
Step 2: Type or in the browser bar's address.
Step 3: Find the Wireless tab.
Step 4: Create the necessary connection names for the SSID. You can type your name or something you like.
Step 5: Under Protection, choose the encryption you want. We recommend WPA2-PSK as it is more difficult to crack.
Step 6: Enter your keyword in the options menu. Anything can happen. Try to use numbers and combinations of upper and lowercase letters.
Step 7: Save or click Apply to complete the Tplink WiFi setup.

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