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Is European Union agrees to open doors to vaccinated foreigners ?

Question by Saravanan Sasthiravel On 29 July 2021, 23:40:30

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Answer by Saravanan Sasthiravel On 02 August 2021, 00:14:38

EU agrees to open doors to vaccinated foreigners

European Union countries agreed on Wednesday to ease COVID-19 travel restrictions on non-EU visitors ahead of the summer tourist season, a move that could open the bloc’s door to all Britons and to vaccinated Americans.

Ambassadors from the 27 EU countries approved a European Commission proposal from May 3 to loosen the criteria to determine “safe” countries and to let in fully vaccinated tourists from elsewhere, EU sources said.

They are expected to set a new list this week or early next week. Based on data from the European Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, Britain and a number of other countries would meet the new criteria.

The United States would not, although Americans with proof of vaccination would be welcomed. For more Information >>>

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