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is everything on social media you see is true?

Question by Ujjwal Kashyap On 04 February 2021, 20:40:31

Please write a genuine and meaningful answer to get a good ranking.

Answer by Ujjwal Kashyap On 04 February 2021, 20:41:30

Appearances are often misleading, not everything you see can be true, a human can see the front side but no one knows what’s behind it. Similarly on social media people can only see a picture but not the reality behind it. You only see what the other person is trying to show you. 

People tend to get addicted to it and as teenagers, they think what they see on social media is reality but it is the complete opposite of reality. Social media and the real-world are very different. Things that exist on social media can influence people and affect their mental health. These days everyone wants to be “Cool” and accepted by the people. In the need of attention, teenagers do things that they are not supposed to do just to be socially accepted by everyone. People have taken social media as a strawberry land where everything is just at the right place. But the consequences are highly effective, people get influenced by the things they see and think that it is normal and they try to live like that or pretend on social media that they are living like that. 

One of the major examples: people who aren’t rich always fake and showoff just so they can be respected on social media platforms. 

By doing this they are denying to accept the fact of their life. So don’t believe in everything you see. A person who looks like he is living his best life might be alone and lonely without anyone and a person who looks like he a nobody can be a successful man in his life. 

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