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If you are unable to do setup .we are listed the dependable procedures that will assist you in setup.

  1. In the initial phase, the user must connect their computer or laptop directly to your modem for setup

  2. Establish a robust connection between the broadband modem and router using an Ethernet cable.

  3. Connect your usable modem to the "internet" port on your router and your wifi-enabled router to the "LAN" port on your modem.

  4. On your wifi-enabled smartphone, open your preferred online browser.

  5. Type or the default internet protocol address of in the address bar.

  6. Now try to access the internet using your web-enabled PCs.

  7. After that, adjust the WiFi settings on the Linksys smart wifi.

  8. Check to see that all of your wireless devices, as well as any wifi-enabled devices, are properly connected. With this your setup is complete.

How can I solve the error while setup page is not working?

If you are confronting the error of setup page not working, then you can follow the below steps for setup.

  1. If the setup screen does not appear, press the Reset button on the router's back for 10 seconds, then switch it off and on again. Wait for the router to load up for a few seconds.

  2. The Your Internet cable is not connected correctly popup will appear if no internet connection is detected.

  3. You have to restart your Linksys router and after this, you must be successful to do the setup.

How can I update the firmware on my Linksys router using

The methods to update your Linksys router firmware with are as follows.

  1. Go to, the default login page for the Linksys sensible wireless local area network, via your device's web browser. It will also use the sensible wireless local area network sign-on information science address.

  2. Enter the proper credentials for the Linksys router login. A way for accomplishing the same goal has already been discussed.

  3. To upgrade your microcode, go to the Administration page and select Microcode Upgrade.

  4. Right now, you'll be prompted to upgrade to the most recent microcode file.

  5. Locate and upload the most recent microcode file to the Linksys sensible wireless local area network default login tab.

  6. Wait for the microcode upgrade to complete while holding down the commencing update button.

  7. Until the microcode upgrade is complete, a 'Continue' prompt may occur. By clicking on it, you can select it.

  8. Finally, power up and down your Linksys router.

  9. The microcode update for your Linksys router is complete, and you now have the most up-to-date security settings and package support.

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