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What are some tips to avoid viruses and lessen their impact in computer ?

Question by Rahul Gohil On 26 March 2020, 09:43:49

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Answer by Rahul Gohil On 26 March 2020, 09:44:29

Install anti-virus software from a reputable vendor. Update it and use it regularly.

-In addition to scanning for viruses on a regular basis, install an ‘on access’ scanner (included in most anti-virus software packages) and configure it to start each time you start up your computer. This will protect your system by checking for viruses each time you run an executable file.

-Use a virus scan before you open any new programs or files that may contain executable code. This includes packaged software that you buy from the store as well as any program you might download from the Internet.

-If you are a member of an online community or chat room, be very careful about accepting files or clicking links that you find or that people send you within the community.

-Make sure you back up your data (documents, bookmark files, important email messages, etc.) on disc so that in the event of a virus infection, you do not lose valuable work.


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