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What are synonyms and antonyms of the word ‘ABSOLUTE’ ?

Question by Rahul Gohil On 27 March 2020, 09:44:23

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Answer by Rahul Gohil On 27 March 2020, 09:45:42

Synonyms - arbitrary, compulsory, haughty, peremptory, arrogant, controlling, imperative, positive, authoritative, despotic, imperious, supreme, autocratic, dictatorial, irresponsible, tyrannical, coercive, dogmatic, lordly, unconditional, commanding, domineering, overbearing, unequivocal, compulsive, exacting.

Antonyms- accountable, constitutional ,gentle, lowly ,responsible, complaisant, contingent, humble, meek, submissive, compliant, docile, lenient, mild, yielding, conditional, ductile, limited.

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