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What are the health benefits of using honey?

Question by Sydney Mulunda On 23 March 2020, 17:23:56

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Answer by Sydney Mulunda On 23 March 2020, 17:31:52

Honey has been known to have a lot of uses and benefits, among them being health benefits which are:

  1. It is a natural energy booster. For them who love doing workouts, honey is a natural carbohydrates which is healthy to our body because of the natural sugars which it contains. This helps reduce fatigue during workouts.
  2. It is an immune system booster. Honey is also known to boost the immune system because it contains antioxidants and antibacterial properties that enable it to help the body fight disease causing microorganisms thereby enhancing the body's immune system.
  3. It is also a brain booster because it natural antioxidants and therapeutic properties that help to reduce and prevent brain malfunctions.
  4. It is known to prevent cancer. This is so because it contains carcinogenic and antitumour properties. Hence, it can help prevent cancer in our bodies and also prevent the development of tumours.
  5. Lastly, honey is a remedy for several ailments including: hangovers, sore throats, sleeplessness and cuts & burns.

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