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What are the easy natural ways to improve your memory power?

Question by Ritika Mangla On 16 February 2021, 13:22:25

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Answer by Ritika Mangla On 16 February 2021, 13:23:54

7 science-backed methods to improve your memory

Are you having trouble remembering things?

Are your kids finding  it difficult to remember the things?

 Is your memory is getting weak day by day?
There are several questions which have crossed our minds several times when remembering things become difficult for us. You will be pleased to know that forgetting things with an increase in age is normal. But the most important question you should ask yourself is, how much forgetfulness is normal in your age or are you having any serious illness?

Memories make us who we are. Without memory, we cannot understand what is good and bad for us. It is the collection of all the past and present experiences that help to build our consciousness. Have you ever thought that how do we already know with whom to say hello and who to hug without summoning our experiences of hugs and hello? All your hopes, fear, expectations are built upon your experiences.
With the age-related loss of memory, one can lose their inner self. But why do some people stay sharp and some people with the same age lose their memory? Their choices of lifestyle speak itself why they are sharp as a tack. Following a healthy diet, keeping blood sugar and cholesterol in check, regular exercise, no smoking and drinking helps in keeping mental skills and memory in tone. Here are 7 science-backed strategies written below to help you start improving your memory:

1) Make notes
studies show that by making notes of important things help you to remember more. Use images, acronyms, colors and different handwriting on a flashcard and read them thrice a day. It will help the brain to remember easily.

2) Preview, Question, Read, State and Test (PQRST)
Read the material thoroughly. Then, ask important questions about the material you are reading. Next, read the full material and do not take notes. After that, state the answers loud and take a test to know how much you remember.

3) Relate things to yourself
According to research, it becomes easier for people to remember information if they can relate things with themselves. Contemplate, why the particular thing is important to you help to increase your ability to remember by 50%.

4) Rhyming
Let your poet out and start linking your rhymes with images. Our brain is good at remembering things when we break it and rhyme it like music. This is also known as Acoustic encoding.

5) Link your thoughts with images
The technique visualisation and association is proving to be very effective. Under this technique, we change our thoughts into mental images which makes it easier for the brain to remember. For example, if your shopping list includes vegetables, honey, hand wash imagine you are buying vegetables after washing your hands on which honey bees are flying.

6) Always keep yourself busy
Mental exercise is important like physical exercise. Being busy helps in increasing mental stimulation and boosts your mind.

7) Take enough rest
To use the full capacity of the brain, enough sleeping is very important. Stay well-rested if you want to be able to remember all the things.

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