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What are the problems in a long-distance relationship?

Question by Sargam Mittal On 12 February 2021, 01:32:18

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Answer by Sargam Mittal On 12 February 2021, 15:03:18

10 problems in a long-distance relationship

The relationship is a blessing of togetherness. However there are many obstacles in this thread of belongingness, especially there are a lot of problems in a long-distance relationship. Although some scholars suspect that such relationships are on increases but they also agree on the fact that long-distance relationships are relatively hard to maintain, all you have are each other's words. As it is being said flower of long-distance relationships doesn't last fragrance for so long. And eventually, harsh processes erode the bond in between. Eventually, it leads to wall punching, crying, photo burning, etc. Following are the foremost problems in a long-distance relationship.

1:  Absence - It makes the heart go fonder of someone who is next to you. And eventually, float with the one who is near to you rather than the one with many km's away.


2: Miscommunication - the most common issue that a couple faces: miscommunication. You cannot have less communication nor you can have more communication. Communication must be balanced and without it, your bond will not sustain. Sometimes, you might feel like you and your partner are not talking much or vice versa, with your partner hitting your phone up every minute – both are not a good indicator of a healthy relationship.


3: Sexual needs - however, it is not the only part of a relationship but it is a significant one. Geographical distance harms consistent intimacy and eventually they look elsewhere.


4: Time - It hounds mostly in the case of working professionals. As they don't get time to get close to each other, even if they get, times mismatch. They can't even get to discuss the personal dejections let alone professional ones. Eventually, they try to deal with the problems themselves and sharing becomes a rare thing. Which kills the bond and the person turns out to be lonely.


5: Trust issues - It is understandable for the distance to make you feel paranoid about your partner. There are cases where one of the partners is just starting their relationships out and they are thrown into this cyclone called life with them ending up at different poles. They were not able to spend enough time with each other to get to know each other and establish a stronger foundation of trust and loyalty. There are even times when a person falls for someone whom he or she met online. The lack of connections, bonds, and the growing distance between two people can cause mistrust.


6: Feeling insecure - insecurity is a much bigger problem that will take a big toll on you and your relationship over time. Feeling insecure means you can not relax and engage with your partner in an intimate, authentic way. And the actions that often arise from insecurity–constantly asking for assurance, often feeling jealous, demands, checking up on people–erode trust and make you look needy and less attractive


7: Becoming possessive - Too far and too engaged brings possessiveness as a byproduct. However excess can destroy the bond. As different people have different natures. Everyone does not like to seek possessiveness or to be possessive.


8: Vulnerability to the relationship - It is one of the facts that is never said but partners have it in the mind with respect to each other. Someone is always trying to move in on your territory. And being close (geographically) they have every chance to do so.


9: Out of sight, out of mind - just words don't help maintain the relationship long-lasting. Being out of sight for too long destroys the essence of association in a relationship. That will turn out to be hazardous for the bond. Essentially, partners will lookout for someone else who is nearby with a newer way and essence to himself and herself.


10: Cheating - Long distance relationship itself prepares a backdrop for cheating and all the above factors also play a part in the same. geographical distance makes it easier to hide for long and make the matter worse.


These are some of the problems in a long-distance relationship. The intimate relationship between partners who are geographically separated from each other with lack of face to face contact. So there are problems in a long-distance relationship but where there is LOVE there is a will.

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