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What businesses can I start with the low investment?

Question by Anu Gupta On 15 February 2021, 19:20:07

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Answer by Jitendra Kumar On 21 February 2021, 16:39:03

Thank you for this useful information. It’s well appreciated. Can anybody else give their inputs to make this page more informative and meaningful?

Answer by Anu Gupta On 15 February 2021, 19:27:53

Working on routine job with 9 to 5 job is not a cup of tea for many of us. We are looking forward to start our own business. The moment word business comes in our mind, the second thought that strikes us is the capital investment. It’s a taboo that starting a business means heavy capital requirement. Investment will vary from business to business and it also depends on which scale we are starting one. There is a stereotype in our minds that small business will not have good profits

Let me tell you, there are some business idea that can yield good profit with a little investment. But starting a business will need good determination and confidence. You must be sure and well informed about your business idea before putting your shoes into it.

Lets first talk about some low investment manufacturing businesses.


Homemade chocolates

Chocolate is something that is loved by people of every age group and demanded by everyone out there. Some want it bitter, some like sweet ones. Some prefer dark chocolate and others may like white chocolate. But everyone want it in their own ways. Now a days, people are using handmade chocolates as gifts in weddings, birthdays, Diwali etc.

Manufacturing of handmade chocolate just need an investment of around INR 30,000 to buy the raw material to make it and packing material to sell it. Its raw material will include chocolate bars, moulds, nuts, flavours, etc. and packaging material will be like boxes, wrapping sheets etc.


Candle making

Candles are also very high demanding product. Usually the bulk demand comes from religious places but it increases massively in festive time like Diwali, Christmas etc. Armatic candles are all time in demand by restaurants, event decorating companies etc.

It can easily be started with just INR 20,000 in hand. This is basically for the raw material like wax, thread, scents, flowers etc. and little packaging material.


Online bakery

Bakery products like cakes, muffins, cupcakes etc. are highly demanded by youths nowdays. If you like baking then you can opt for starting a bakery and encash by sharing your homemade recipes. The best thing is that you can start this business from your kitchen itself. Only INR 25,000 – 30,000 is what you need for oven and ingredients.

Baking has no boundaries. You may start with just cakes and muffins and then keep on adding things like breads, cookies, pies etc. in your menu.



Handicrafts products have their own set of customers. The online portals can help you reach the handicrafts lovers. If crafting is your cup of tea then handicrafts is great option for you. Handicrafts not only mean making a thing completely from tour hands, you can also buy a product and give it your personal touch that no one can replicate.


Pickles manufacturing

Pickles are one of those traditional food items that are extremely popular in India. There will be at least one variant of pickle in every Indian household. Thus, if you want to start small, a pickle business is a safe and easy option. They are also in great demand outside India. You can start with your own recipes. Pickles do not have a limit in variety. It may be as common as mango pickle and as different as a garlic pickle. The best part about this business is that even with same ingredients, no one can replicate your taste.

You can start this business at your home with a little of only INR 20,000- 25,000 for the ingredients and some jars.


Paper bags manufacturing

Paper bags have become popular as people realise just how harmful non-biodegradable plastic bags are for the environment. These bags are tge eco-friendly ones that doesnot harm environment at all. Paper bags are demanded highly by food iten shops, medical shops, bakeries, clothing industry and who’s not.

Paper bag making can be easily started with low investment. A semi-automatic machine under INR 3,00,000 is available that involve some manual work and labour. An automatic paper bag-making machines is also available that start at around  INR 5,00,000 and have a great capacity. It can produce around a few thousand units per hour. You will also need to invest in raw materials such as paper sheets, ink, printing chemicals, etc.


Homemade soaps

Homemade organic soaps making is another good choice to start a small business. It is a high demand product used by everyone daily.

People are getting more conscious about the products they are using and shifting from regular soaps to organic soaps as they are chemical free. The best part is that you can initially start this business at your home only.

To start a small organic soap business you need investment of about INR 70,000- 1.5 lakh depending upon the scale of production. You may need raw materials like glycerine, herbs, essential oils, moulds, microwave etc.


Cotton buds manufacturing

The cotton buds demand is increased by increasing awareness of hygiene in people. It is highly in demand as the youths are very conscious for their hygiene. They are demanded by doctors, beauty stations etc.

The cotton buds manufacturing business can be easily started with an investment of INR 20,000-40,000. A manufacturer of cotton buds requires a raw material like spindle/stick, the absorbent material (cotton), and the packaging material for the product. The raw material will be inserted into the automatic cotton bud-making machines. They also packages the product.

Now lets also see towards the service providing businesses.


Tuition classes

Academic is one sector that is highly important for every student. Now a days, every student is taking tution classes. Some take it understand the subject and some yo excel in one.

If you are good in academics or even in just one subject theb you can start earning with it. You just need at investment of around INR 20,000 for a room, some chairs, a board, marker and duster. If you know any foreign language like French, Spanish or German thencould easily grab some extra money in your pocket as there is always a demand for foreign language tutors at school as well as at college level.


Cooking classes

Cooking is becoming a need of life. Everyone wants to learn it. Some are just interested in learning survival and some like lit to professional levels. Its demand is increasing eventually as the youth had started living alone without their families and need to cook themselves. If cooking is your cup of tea, then you can start your cooking class. All you need to invest is to set up a kitchen and equipment, the allied infrastructure, the raw materials and cooking ingredients.


Fitness/yoga center

Health is more neglected now days. Everyone is keeping a concern towards their health. Different forms of fitness are there like jumba, yoga, aerobics, etc. Whichever you know, you can start a center for the same. It just needs an investment of around INR 50,000 . You need a room, equipment, a trainer and a helper.


Hobby classes

In today’s life, hobby classes are given equal importance as the academic classes. Kids are highly involved in these classes. They are all time in demand. There are numerous choices for hobby classes like art, craft, dance, marshal arts, judo, english speaking, acting and many more. You can research about some choices and start a one.

You need an investment of around INR 60,000 for room, equipments, trainer, chairs and benches and some advertisements.


Boutique service

We are in the society that demands a lot of fashion services. Ladies are spending heavily on good boutiques. They are one of those few options where you can yield high profits.

This is need an initial investment of atleast INR 70,000 to 80,000 for room, its interior, the fabrics, tailors and many more.

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