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What do I do to become a good YouTuber?

Question by Rahul Gohil On 01 February 2021, 23:11:23

Please write a genuine and meaningful answer to get a good ranking.

Answer by Rahul Gohil On 01 February 2021, 23:15:34


1- First of all, decide on the topic on which you want to create a YouTube channel

2- Make some short videos on that topic and share it with your friends and family. Facebook, Instagram etc. Also upload to other social media, like, see what the opinion is.

3- Gain a little confidence after getting good votes and upload the first video on YouTube.

4- Don't be confused by likes, subscriptions and numbers. You get it all but give it some time and give it nice stuff.

5-You need to have new and original content to give something. Because people have so many options. There is no one to give time.

6-Initially the quality of the video is not good but over time learn something new and improve the video.A 7-mic is essential for good video quality sound. It won't cost much anymore, get started with your mobile.

8-Learn and learn new things from other YouTubers.

9-Connect with your audience. Reply and stay in touch through other social media.

10-Evergreen and include business topics in your content. See what kind of videos they like in audience comments.

11-Remember that YouTube is a long marathon and no short race.

12-Make videos with good intuition, understanding and a spirit of giving something and you will succeed from time to time.

13-Uploading new videos is very important. Never upload videos at any time.


14-I wish you a shining success in your YouTube journey

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