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What do you mean by donor and acceptor impurities ?

Question by Rahul Gohil On 22 March 2020, 10:05:27

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Answer by Rahul Gohil On 22 March 2020, 10:06:22

Donor impurities ( such as arsenic, antimony, bismuth, or phosphorus) when added to a pure semiconductor lattice, from N- type extrinsic semiconductor. The pentavalent impurities are called the donor type impurities as such impurities donate electrons to the lattice.

Acceptor impurities (such as boron, gallium, indium or aluminium) when added to pure semiconductor lattice form P- type extrinsic semiconductor. The trivalent impurities are called the acceptor type impurities because such impurities accept electrons from the lattice.

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