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What is an Economic Survey? Who prepares the economic survey ? Why is an economic survey necessary?

Question by Rahul Gohil On 02 February 2021, 19:11:26

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What is an economic survey

We live in a country where the middle class is very large. We make diaries in most of the houses there. The whole diary is kept in this diary. When we look at the end of the year, we realize how our home is doing. Where did we spend it? How much did you earn How much did you save? Based on that, we decide how to spend next year. How much to save? What will be our economic situation?

The economic survey is like our home diary. This shows the state of our country's economy. The Economic Survey contains advice, challenges and solutions for the past year and the coming year. The economic survey is presented a day before the budget.

Which prepares economic surveys

There is a Department of Economic Affairs under the Ministry of Finance. The Economic Survey has been prepared under the supervision of CEA, the Chief Economic Adviser of this Economic Department.

The current CEO is Dr. Krishnamurthy Subramaniam. The first economic survey was released in 1950-55. Until 1964, the Economic Survey was presented with the budget, but later it is being presented a day before the budget.

Why an economic survey is needed

This is necessary considering some criteria. In a way, the economic survey serves as a direction for our economy, as it gives a sense of how our economy is doing and what we need to do to improve it.

The economic survey is the only way to know the trend of the economy. It is on this basis that the government is advised. Last year’s Economic Survey suggested that if India’s economy is 5 5 trillion by 2025, it needs to spend 1. 1.4 trillion on infrastructure.

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