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What is Artificial intelligence?

Question by Ritika Mangla On 01 February 2021, 06:49:36

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Answer by Ritika Mangla On 01 February 2021, 06:49:58


Three decades ago when we conceptualised how the world in 2020 would be, we had an image of an era of technological advancement and supercomputers. Well, not really sure if the world has been progressive in all aspects of religion and thoughts, but we have succeeded in Machine Intelligence or Artificial Intelligence, as we better know it.

Artificial Intelligence is found everywhere without us realizing it.

From getting our phone unlocked through Face Recognition, to signing attendance in office biometrics, AI has made it convenient for us. Helping in Marketing Automation to Cyber Defence, Text Analytics and Robotic Process Automation, these masterminds are everywhere. In the field of Medicine, making  pathological and radiological diagnosis and performing surgeries, robots are doing it all. Robots have proved their 'mettle' everywhere.(Pun intended)

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