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What are the Importance and Significance of Horoscope and Astrology?

Question by Ujjwal Kashyap On 21 February 2021, 16:07:26

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Answer by Jitendra Kumar On 21 February 2021, 16:39:39

Thank you for this useful information. It’s well appreciated. Can anybody else give their inputs to make this page more informative and meaningful?

Answer by Ujjwal Kashyap On 17 February 2021, 21:34:48

Astrology largely derives its existense from the placement of the Sun, the Moon and the planets in various positions. The nature and the positions of these astronomical bodies  determine the physical and  mental stateof humans, their health and well-being. 


Answer by Ritika Mangla On 17 February 2021, 12:10:42

What is the effects of the Sun, the Moon and the Planets on Mankind?

Answer by Ujjwal Kashyap On 17 February 2021, 12:08:17

Introduction to Astrology:

Astrology, the unique study of the alignment of stars and the planets, facilitates us to determine the future, the personalities, the lives and the state of mind of the individuals who are born on Earth. We study the movements and the positions of celestial bodies including the Sun, the Moon, the  planets and the stars, in order to construe their influence on the earthlings and the surroundings.  According to the position of the astronomical bodies present in the Solar System, your past, present and future can be unraveled.

Life has a deeper meaning to it as compared to what mortals can ever see and perceive. Being busy in our daily lives, we often fail to notice the more intense meaning of our existence. Whatever happens with us, holds a purpose. Nothing transpires in this universe without a reason. Even problems in our lives arise due to reasons. The reasons are more often than not, cryptic to us. We get anxious when things do not happen our way. We work hard but still fail to achieve our goals. Success starts running away from us. Hindrances start appearing at every level. Our health starts deteriorating. Our loved ones start drifting away from us. Our relationships start suffering. Our professional as well as, personal life starts meandering  beyond our comprehension. Sometimes, anxiety takes the form of depression. If this mental state starts strengthening its roots then our life starts going out of our control. Since every cloud has a silver lining, so this should give you great hope that Astrology has solutions to all your problems. But as an ignorant soul, you might not be able to decipher the intricacies of the universe on your own. You all need a guide; a guide who accepts the signals from the universe, interprets them through their profound knowledge and in turn, provides you with the appropriate solution to ward off all your pains and worries.  We, as your guides, are whole-heartedly committed to unlock mysteries, provide the right answers, eliminate doubts and mitigate personal as well as, financial losses.


History of Astrology:

The origin of Astrology may be dated back to as early as 2nd millennium BCE and since then it has evolved constantly. The literal meaning of Astrology is astrologia, where astron means  star and logia signifies  the ‘study of’. Therefore, astrology pertains to the study of stars. With the passage of time, it started hinting at star-divination.


Astrology and different Cultures:

Along with the Hindus, various other communities including the Chinese, the Mayans, the Arabs and the Europeans, have also shown deep interest and progress in the field of Astrology. A large number of communities have paid emphasis on astronomical predicaments. Since times immemorial, Astrology has established a commendable place in the areas of academics, literature and politics. Additionally, Astrology has progressed hand in hand with Astronomy, Medicine and Meteorology.


Astrology and the Hindus: 

For Hindus, Astrology has persisted as an important aspect of their daily lives. Right from naming the infant as per his or her Kundali, to taking decisions pertaining to life-partner, starting new business ventures, shifting into a new abode, Hindus earnestly resort to Astrology. As per the belief, the celestial bodies have a deep impact throughout the life of an individual and this relates to ‘karmo ka phal’ . Vedanga Jyotisha is one of the most ancient texts on Astronomy and Astrology known to mankind. The Hindu culture abounds in the knowledge of Astrology since ancient times.


Astrology and India:  In India, there is a deep-rooted and universal belief in Astrology. Astrology has been successful in being recognized as a Science in India. Jyotir Vigyan or Vedic Astrology has been duly accepted as a discipline of study in various Indian universities. Vedic Astrology not only glorifies the conventional knowledge but also hints at a progressive culture.


Signifance of Astrology in different scenarios:

Astrology and Birth: As soon as a human takes birth on this planet, he announces his arrival to the universe with a wail. The date and time on which a child is born decides his fate, personality, phases, purposes, virtues and vulnerabilities. The exact time of birth hints at the position and placement of the planets and other celestial bodies. There are numerous elements of astrology that administer human life. The movement of astral bodies through the twelve zodiac signs and houses at the time of birth and the positions of bodies have varied impact on an individual’s life. It is advisable to get the birth-chart or the janam-kundali of the baby prepared by a specialist in the field of Astrology.

Astrology and Health: Do you sometimes wonder that despite eating well and taking good care of yourself, your health degrades for no evident reason? You keep running from one doctor to another and still your questions remain unanswered? Do not worry, Astrology and its branches have  answers to all your questions and apprehensions.  Once you embrace Astrology, your body will start giving you positive responses, eventually leading you to a healthy and happy mind and soul.

Astrology and Marriage: If you are at a marriageable age, the panic of getting married at the right age to the right person, starts troubling you and your family. One often gets disheartened when things do not fall in  place. The presence of various doshas in the birth-chart lead to unfavorable situations. But Astrology has upaya to all the graha-doshas. With the help of Astrology, you can find your soulmate and lead a blessed life together.

Astrology and Career: How demotivating  it is to face failure at every job -interview and business venture? Even when you try to do your best, success runs away from you. Have you ever pondered over the situation? A time comes when you start blaming yourself for every downfall. But it’s time you stopped judging yourself. Take an initiative instead. Take charge of your life and seek help from the experts of Astrology.

Astrology and Relationships: Relationships are very delicate. We try our might to treasure the relationships and people who are dear to us. Inspite of our efforts and dedication, the important relationships start going haywire. Astrology acts as your guiding light in the darkest times. Your life starts rejuvenating when you find the expert who can remove all the relationship-related problems, including issues with the life-partner, parents, siblings and in laws. 

Astrology and Home: Astrology and Vastu Shastra go hand in hand. Vaastu pertains to architecture, time and directions. Vastu, an important subset of Astrology, tremendously influences human life. Have you heard that someone’s health started degrading the day they moved into a new house or they are facing sleepless nights because of some inexplicable activity at the new bungalow? Here the answer lies in the Science of Vastu. Designing your home as per Vastu is an indispensable way of welcoming positive energy in your abode.


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