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What is women empowerment?

Question by Ritika Mangla On 16 February 2021, 15:33:54

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Answer by Nicky Design On 15 March 2021, 20:40:37

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Answer by Ritika Mangla On 03 February 2021, 10:35:57

                WOMEN EMPOWERMENT


Women empowerment is talking about the rights of a woman. Empowerment is allowing  and accepting women in the decision-making process. Women's empowerment has been the most crucial part of the development of a country or humankind. Empowerment is the process that gives power to an individual over their own lives, as we all are very well aware of the fact that in earlier times women were not allowed to live their life according to their wishes. Empowerment gives them the right to take a stand for themselves in the society and the community. Empowerment not only includes the human rights of a woman in a community but also raises the status of a woman through education, awareness, literacy, and training to defend themselves. 


The struggle of a woman 


For many decades, women have been struggling for their fundamental rights, equal to men, and given opportunities. Women have come a long way and are still fighting for equality. Nevertheless, we have been living in a dominant male world. A woman is only supposed to sit at home and cook and take care of everyone but not herself. A woman is expected to keep herself quiet and do everything to please others, no matter what she is going through. A married woman is expected to stay with her husband and do as she told by her husband. This raises the domestic violence issue. As women cannot leave her husband no matter how badly he beats her; but society always tells women to stay quiet and tolerate all the hurtful things. The males of our society have snatched a woman's happiness and locked her in a room where she is forced to become a submissive. 


It all started with toxic gender norms. A male is treated differently from a female, which has become critical even in today's world. 


The majority of men believe that women are not strong enough and have to be dependent on men to survive. Men only do 20-30% of household work, and this also an exception for many people as most men do not even do any household chores. Gender roles tell us we are supposed to be quiet and tender-hearted. 


The problem faced by Women in India


India is a country where a woman is given the status of a goddess. However, this also one of the ironic facts that India is a place where women are mostly sexually abused and face domestic violence issues. On hand, they worship them as goddesses, and on the other hand, they  exploit and abuse women  endlessly.


In the early period, severe problems like the Sati System are where a woman is forced to die if her husband dies. She is forced to be burned along with her husband's dead body. 


After that, the violence against women in India became massive. It happens almost every day, 90% of houses in India. The reason for such a violation is dowry harassment. The agony is no one does anything to stop this. People turn a blind eye to it as if it is very casual for a woman to beat his wife.


After the violence, the gender-based discrimination in India is just on another level. 

In India, women are not considered equal to men; they have always been considered inferior to men, regardless of the workplace or home. 

The main problem is the education system of India where in many parts of our country  women are not allowed to study.    


To overcome these differences, we need women empowerment


Women's empowerment indeed has great advantages. This gives them equal status comparing to men. Empowerment helps women in getting rid of social violence against her. It helps her in fighting her rights. 


How media has played great role in uplifting women empowerment. 


Media is considered the most essential tool of society, especially in modern times, because it can reach out to people in large numbers. Media has a vital role in one's life as it educates people about the current issues happening in the world. Not only educates but it also has the power to influence people and this makes it a very powerful weapon. 


The common people depend on media to know what's happening in the society. The reach of media has increased in the common people, especially th electronic media, such as television. It has helped women to empower themselves.




Popular culture is also known as mass culture and pop culture.. Popular culture has its own way of influencing people’s attitude towards a particular topic.

Popular culture is what comes after the high culture. It is often seen as “low culture” or “inferior culture”. It involves all the essential, outstanding in a certain period. It is very important for an average person in his day to day life.  

The highlight of this culture is what preferences an individual adopts in social environment. It plans to combine a large number of population with diverse range culture.

Cultural values influence in such a way that media created. The media always intend to make their programs and advertisement satisfactory for the public.


The rights and freedom we have today are the result of the fights that some great women has done for us. 


Women empowerment with the example of the 4 Indian women.


Women empowerment is one of the biggest movements in India nowadays. With pure passion for their work and their determination, hardwork and good deeds, they have become inspiration for everyone out there. They have proved this fact by achieving a lot in their life. Many women have become inspiration to youth and made our country proud one of them is

Mary kom 

 She is the Queen of Indian Boxing Ring and has conquered the world of boxing with her sheer talent and hard work by winning the title of World Amateur Boxing Championship consecutively six times in a row. 

Winning world recognition 


In 2001 Mary competed in her first International event at World Championship debut season. She clinched a silver medal in the 48 kg weight category. At the World Championship in Antalya in 2002, she won her first gold medal. And in the very same year she won another Gold at the Witch Cup in the pin weight category. 

She grabbed another Gold in the 2003 Asian Boxing Championship held in Hissar, India. In

2004 she again won the 2004 Boxing World Cup in Norway. Next year in 2005 she won two golds, one in the 

2005 World Boxing Championship at Podolsk and another one at the Asian Boxing Championship at Kaohsiung.  

She pocketed a hat-trick by grabbing her third World Championship title in 2006. The list kept going and every year the boxing queen kept breaking all the records and set an example of women empowerment by winning Gold consecutively. 

2012 London Olympics 

One of the most important and crucial tournaments in the life of Mary Kom was the Olympics and she got a chance to play in the London Olympics 2012. Olympics 2012 and became the first and the only Indian Woman Boxer to win a medal at the Olympics to date. She made her country very proud and made all Indian smile by winning the Olympics. 


Mary Kom for her excellence in her field was awarded many honors and prices by the government of India. The list of her awards and honors is as follows: 

● The International Boxing Association (AIBA) awarded her the first AIBA Legends awards for "promising boxing career." 

● Arjuna Award (Boxing), 2003 

● Padma Shri (Sports), 2006 

● 'Magnificent Mary', AIBA 2008 

● Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award, 2009 

● In 2009, International Boxing Association Ambassador for Women's Boxing  

● Sahara Sports Award, Sportswoman of the year 2010 

● Padma Bhushan (Sports), 2013 

● Mary Kom was announced as the brand ambassador for the 2016 AIBA Women's World Boxing Championships by AIBA. 


On 25 April 2016, she was nominated by the President of India as a member of the Rajya Sabha, the upper house of the Parliament. She not only empowered herself but played a role in inspiring and motivating millions of women out there and justified the true sense of women empowerment in this male domination society.


Mary Kom is one of the greatest sportswomen of India as well as the world and she has proven her caliber, talent, and dedication in every championship she fights by winning gold medal consecutively six times in a row which almost seems to be unbelievable. Mary is truly flag bearer of women empowerment and is inspiring millions of women out there to empower themselves in the right way.


I would like to end it by telling the actual difference between a man and woman is that a man is commanding but a woman is demanding. Men and women are only different in terms of moral values and upbringing if we raise them both without discriminating then women are equal to men.

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